7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Boosting Social Shares

Social boosting plugins

In this post, I’m listing some of the WordPress plugins that increase the social shares of your blog posts.

Producing quality content and sitting back tight in the hope to get traction won’t work. You need to produce the content that’s shareable, strategically place social buttons and also proactively promote your blog posts. Once your content gets more eyeballs, your social shares will be boosted.

For getting more people read your content, you have to format your content in such a way that your content gets shared.

In this post, I’m gonna present you some of the best WordPress plugins for boosting your social shares. The plugins I mention will serve unique purposes and helps you implement social share boosting strategies that you’ve never thought of.


SumoMe is like a plugin suite for WordPress. It has it’s own dedicated Sumo Store, where you can browse many plugins – both free and paid.

Among those SumoMe plugins, the plugins you should install are Share, Image Sharer, and Highlighter.

The ‘Share’ plugin displays the social share buttons you choose, at the positions you choose on your page. They can also be enabled to show up on the mobile layout as responsive social buttons.

SumoMe share plugin

There are various settings which can be tweaked to achieve desired results.

Personally, when I install it on my niche blogs, my share count gets boosted at least by 130%.

The next one is Image Sharer plugin. This plugin is a must have if you are having a blog with great shareable images. This plugin displays the social sharing buttons to the visitors who hover over any images on your blog. This helps me get good Pinterest pins on my images.



This plugin enables your readers to select any text on your site and offers them to share the same on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest.

I really liked the lightweight and minimalistic nature of this plugin.

I can across this plugin just after the release, while browsing a WordPress related Facebook group.

Scroll Triggering Boxes

With scroll triggered boxes, you can ask your visitors to take any action like sharing the post, opting in for the newsletter, when they reach scrolling to some extent in your blog post.

This is a effective strategy. You can cleverly place the scroll trigger box, whenever people like to share your post.

You can just place the short-code of any social sharing plugin, to display the share buttons to your readers. On my blogs, I’ve implemented it and it’s driving good amount of shares.

Scroll triggered boxes

Better Click To Tweet

Click to Tweet

With this plugin, you can transform a quote or a text in your blog post as a clickable tweet button.

When you include a good text, that’s tweetable inside the “Better Click To Tweet” short code, visitors will be able to just tweet your text along with a link-back to your site on a single click.

Most of the popular blogs are already using this strategy, and is a great way to boost the Tweets on your site.

Use Facebook comments on your site

If you are eager to boost the number of your post social shares on Facebook, you may consider using the plugin called Facebook Comments.

Whenever a user leaves comment on your blog, Facebook asks him to post your article on his FB profile. This alone boosts the social shares that you get on your posts.

Along with Facebook comments, you can also let users leave comments on your blog on WordPress default commenting system.

Some of the sites like news sites, viral sites, and the sites that rely on Facebook traffic are using this plugin.

If you are serious about by posting Facebook interaction on your site, you should definitely give this plugin a try.

Revive Old Post

This plugin lets you flow some interaction and traffic to your old posts published on your blog, by randomly publishing some of your old posts to social media sites.

You can select the social sites you want the plugin to share the old posts automatically. You need to authenticate there plugin on social media sites’ APIs.

You can set the frequency of posts, posts or categories to exclude.

Rejuvenating old posts for social media traffic is a tedious thing to do if you do it manually. This plugin comes handy in giving value to your old posts, by reviving their online presence and capturing new eyeballs.

Over to you

These are some of the best plugins that boost the social shares of your blog posts. Apart from this, quality and unique content is essential to boost social shares, Because, readers won’t bother sharing low-quality mediocre that’s not relevant to them.

So, apart from using these plugins, the uniqueness and relevancy of the content to your readers is the key here.

Akshay Hallur

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Marina - May 30, 2016

Hello Akshay,
thanks for that nice article aboutthe wordpress plugins for boosting the social shares.
My favorite wordpress plugin is blog2social. It’s an easy tool to schedule and post automatically to the various social media, while at the same time it allows you to customize your postings for each network’s requirement. Also you can select the image you like to go with your post.


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