Top 5 Best Free WordPress Migration Plugins for Migrating Your Sites

If you are in the blogging world newly, you may have noticed that how hard is it to migrate your WordPress sites from one server to another.

I’ve been migrated my niche sites between various hosts and servers. Rather than depending upon the web host to migrate my site for a cost, I succeeded in migrating my sites manually. However, if you are not a technical person, it may be hard for you to manually migrate your entire site to another server without any errors or down times.

Manually migrating sites will be a nightmare and there is increased chances of database incompatibility or errors. So I always suggest my blog readers, to make use of some of the WordPress migration plugins for migrating sites.

In this post, I will list you some of the best WordPress migration plugins you can use to migrate your sites across servers within minutes and with no downtime and errors.

#1. Duplicator


This is one of the most loved WordPress migration plugin that most of the WordPress users use. Apart from the ability to migrate your site, this also allows you to clone or copy your entire site to a remote server. Thus this is not only a migration plugin but also a WordPress backup plugin.

This plugin is a boon for developers. With this plugin, you can easily pull down a site to your local server for development and testing.

Once the migration is done, you need not to again go through all the configuration you earlier made.

If you do not have technical knowledge, you can opt for their easy to use professional plan called Duplicator Pro. With this package, you get options like scheduled backup to Google Driver, S3, FTP or Dropbox. You also get plenty of features like multisite support, multi-threaded backup for migrating large sites without exceeding server resources, etc.

Download Duplicator

#2. UpdraftPlus


This is the WordPress backup and migration plugin that I use on almost all my sites. It is surprising to see the features this plugin offers in the free plan.

In the free plan itself, you get features to schedule your backups and also backup your entire sites to cloud providers like DropBox, Google Drive, RackSpace, S3, etc. It’s the best free WordPress backup solution today.

I normally backup my sites for free on Google Drive.

Whenever you plan to migrate your site, you just need to hit the “backup now” button. On the other side, you need to install the same UpdraftPlus plugin and click restore there. You can prevent the downtime by pointing nameservers to your new IP once the migration is complete.

Ther pro plan comes with features such as encryption of the backup and remote Updraft Vault storage for speed and reliability. There’s also an addon called migrator, which does the migration to a new server in one click.

Download UpdraftPlus

#3. All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration

This is one of the best WordPress migration plugins, that’s gaining buzz lately.

This plugin allows you to export the files, database and media files from one server to another. Since it makes no use of any extensions or dependencies, it’s compatible with all the servers that support PHP. In simple words, it supports all servers in the world.

There are also free add-ons for this plugin, that enables you to migrate or backup your site to Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, S3, OneDrive and much more.

It’s completely a free WordPress migration plugin. No strings attached as of now.

Download All-in-One WP Migration

#4. WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB

This plugin is helpful if you only want to backup or migrate your WordPress database. With this plugin other files need to be exported using CPanel or FTP.

But yes. It is the most powerful WordPress database migrator plugin. You can filter out the tables in the database you don’t want to export. You can exclude the post types and also useless data. If you have very large WordPress database, you may need to try out this plugin for stress-free migration.

There is also a pro version of this plugin available. It comes with additional features like pushing and pulling database, find and replace serialized data in the database, backups, etc.

With this plugin, you need no phpMyAdmin access to download or export your database.

Download WP Migrate DB

#5. WP Clone

WP Clone

A good plugin for moving WordPress sites between different servers.

The good part in this plugin is that to keep the resource utilization to the minimum, this plugin only copies the user content, media and the database to the remote location. For the migration to complete, you need to have an initial WordPress setup done on the other side.

The files are fetched via host’s direct HTTP connection and not by FTP to complete the migration of the sites faster.

You just need to have WordPress with WP Clone installed on both the sides and the migration is done very fast.

Before migrating make sure you backup your entire site using any other plugins like UpdraftPlus.

WP Clone is completely a free plugin.

Download WP Clone

Wrapping up

These are some of the good WordfPress migration plugins for moving your sites across the servers with ease.

With a good hands on the plugins that I’ve mentioned in this post, you’ll be able to migrate your sites with no downtime and reliability. Make sure you backup your database to a secure location, before migrating your site.

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Akshay Hallur

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