How to Fix the Slow WordPress Admin Dashboard?

Slow WordPress admin dashboard

Do you have slow WordPress admin panel and dashboard? I too have faced the same issue from time to time and have successfully managed to speed put the same by using various techniques that I’m gonna explain you in this post.

The honest thing I would like to say is that there’s no hard-fast technique to follow directly. You need to follow different methods I am going to unveil in this post.

The tricks will help you to load up the WordPress admin panel as fast as it were loading.

Install P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

P3 plugin profiler is a WordPress plugin aimed at finding the culprit plugins that are responsible for slow page load times and also are causing a heavy toll on the servers. If a plugin is performing poor, it will inform you and request you to deactivate or delete the plugin.

Some of the plugins that cause high page load times on the site also cause load times inside admin panel as well.

In these cases, the P3 plugin comes into play.

P3 plugin

As you can see in the above screenshot, the plugin also displays the SQL queries supplied by each of the plugin. You can dig deep into the reports generated by the P3 plugin to find the plugins that are slowing down your WordPress dashboard.

Find bad plugins manually

To find the plugin that’s slowing down your WordPress admin dashboard, you need to first head over to the plugins section of your WordPress account and deactivate all the plugins.

After deactivating all the plugin, if your problem is solved and the WordPress dashboard is loading fast as intended, then it is certainly a problem with one of the plugins that you have installed in your WordPress account.

Now once you are sure that one of the plugins is your culprit, it’s time to find the thing out.

Now activate half of the plugin you’ve installed. Suppose you have 50 plugins on your WordPress account, activate 25 of them and check whether the WordPress dashboard and admin area are loading fine. If it’s slow again, then the culprit plugin is within those 25 plugins you activated.

So now, deactivate 12 plugins of the activated 25 plugins and check.

Repeat the process, until you find the plugin that’s really slowing down your WordPress admin dashboard.

Remove unused themes

Some themes are badly coded. One of the drawbacks of WordPress is that there is no straightforward way for you to delete the unused themes from your WordPress account.

Nevertheless, you can delete the unused themes you have installed on your WordPress account by using cPanel access in your hosting account.

Just log in to your hosting file manager, browse to example.com/wp-includes/themes/

Delete themes

There select the themes that you are not using on your site and hit the delete button.

Check cache

If you are using W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, the cache may be an issue for the slow load of your WordPress admin area and dashboard. For this, you need to

For this, you need to delete the cache once so that, your database will get rid of old cache and collect new cache data to load your site faster.

If you are using CDN services like CloudFlare or MaxCDN, keep an eye on them. Make sure that your cache plugins are configured properly and object cache option should be disabled.

Optimize database

Some of the times, the messy WordPress database can make all the nuisances like slowing down your WordPress admin area. So, it’s time for you to optimize the clean up your WordPress database. This will be more prevalent in old sites where the webmaster has not at all optimized their WordPress database for a long time.

For optimizing WordPress database, there is a plugin called WP-Optimize. But before running the plugin, I highly insist you take a full backup of your WordPress site or at least database by making use of a plugin called WP-DB-Backup.

Once you take the backup of the plugin, you can freely optimize your WordPress database using the plugin.

Over to you.

I hope this solved your slow WordPress admin and dashboard issues. If the issue still persists I recommend you contact your hosting provider or check whether you are exhausting your bandwidth.

Thank you.

Akshay Hallur

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Sant Lal - May 24, 2017

i was facing this problem but after i read your post and i done as ask. Now my dashboard working fast. thanks

Arun - July 29, 2017

Thank you, Akshay for sharing this awesome post. My WordPress now loading very good fast and I can work very easily on my blog. My blog slowing down in last 3 months and I search the right solution for the internet. Finally, i got the best solutions and which is fix my WordPress. My friends and are having the same problem their WordPress blog I personally recommend this post to solve their slowing problem.

MinionsPlush - October 25, 2017

Another way it’s to delete /wp-content/object-cache.php

Instant result.


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