3 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your New Site Quickly

Traffic to a new site

The new bloggers often end up struggling to drive traffic to their new site. At the beginning of their online journey, particularly, when organic traffic is not flowing, they find themselves hard to drive targeted traffic to their site.

Added to this, online gurus tell that when your site is new, just create and create more content and forget about traffic. The traffic will build up over time say 5 months. This 5 months period of the new blog is the time when the majority of the bloggers quit.

So this post outlines you some of the proven strategies for you to implement on your new blog so that you’ll get instant targeted traffic to your new site. This again stresses the importance of promoting your blog when it is new for getting some new eyeballs in!

Leave HQ comments

When your blog is new, you don’t have any audience. So, why not leverage the audience of other sites for free? Wow! It sounds like a great idea. One of the free ways to leverage the reader base is by leaving insightful comments on the popular blogs in your niche.

Don’t think otherwise. I’m not encouraging you to leave comments for backlinks. But for the sake of getting targeted audience via insightful comments.

Make sure you read through the posts before leaving a comment. As a newbie, you will also learn new things by reading the post before commenting.

Make an affirmation – “I will not make a single comment without reading the entire blog post”.

Do guest blogging

This strategy is like taking blog commenting for traffic to the next level. In guest blogging, you engineer the blogs that are already gaining a lot of traffic from the audience you are willing to target. In those cases, you look whether those blogs whether they are accepting guest posts to be published on their blogs.

Now you’ll reach out the admin of that blog and pitch your guest post.

Along with getting new readers for your blog, guest blogging offers many benefits like,

  • Relevant backlinks
  • Increased credibility
  • Build relationships

As a new blogger, it may be initially tempting not to publish on others’ blog. You need to overcome that feeling and start guest blogging if you want to gain serious traffic and backlinks to your new blog.

Many of the bloggers who are earning six figure income online gave headstart to their blogging career via guest blogging.

Strong social media presence

Whenever a blog is new, Google looks at the social signals for determining the quality of the blog. So in the initial stages of your blog, it’s important to maintain a strong social media presence.

Create accounts for your blog on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. There, create pages for your brand and regularly interact with your audience with new content.

Encourage your blog readers to share the content on social media after reading your content.

Add relevant friends in Facebook who are into the same niche ads yours. Then, network with them regularly, and learn from them.

Akshay Hallur

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