The Only 5 Best Free WordPress Scroll to Top Button Plugins

If you keep on searching there is a plethora of WordPress plugins that implement the scroll back to top functionality on your WordPress site. But the thing is, some of the plugins cause conflicts with other plugins on your site or even cause a huge toll on the page speed of your WordPress site.

When you have very log blog posts, taking UX into perspective people recommend you to include a table of content. That's great. But when your blog visitors scroll full down involved in reading your well-written post, when they fish reading the blog post and want to scroll back, chances are that they bounce off. To avoid this, you need a good scroll back to the top plugin that dynamically displays the back to top button at the bottom of the browser. It thus catches the attention of the visitors and prevent them from bouncing off.

Taking the good user experience into consideration, if you have long blog posts, here are some of the best scroll back to top plugins, that are actively being developed.

5 Best Scroll To Top WordPress Plugins Listed

I've listed the below plugins by taking page speed, features, and the functionality into consideration. I also listed only the plugins that are actively being developed.

Smooth Scroll Up

Smooth scroll up

This is probably the best free plugin that I've ever come across for implementing the scroll back to top functionality on WordPress sites.

Many of these kinds of plugins, just place a button that instantly, within a blink scroll the people back up without any animation. But with this plugin, it will smoothly scroll in by 2 secs, thus by giving them a good feeling.

Here are some of the features of this plugin:

  • You can set different scroll elements like image, icon, text link, pill, and tab. You are not limited to only the button for the functionality
  • You can upload your own image and set it up as a scroll to top element. This gives you the awesome flexibility to play with the plugin
  • You can also use an icon from the FontAwesome library to use it as an element
  • Custom alignment of the button for the scroll to top element
  • Enable or disable the plugin functionality on specific pages/post or homepage. This option enables you to use this plugin maybe only on long blog posts
  • Enable/Disable on mobile devices
  • Set distance from top before showing scroll up element
  • Scroll up element animations (fade, slide, none)
  • Option to add custom CSS and Javascript code
  • Option to add an on-click event

This is one of the handful of the scroll to top plugins in the WP repo, that comes packed with great features and flexibility.

WPFront Scroll Top

WPFront Scroll Top

This is one of the best customization plugins for scrolling back to the top. As of writing this blog post, this plugin had 5/5 ratings in WordPress repository.

Like the above plugin, this plugin also comes with lots of features. Here are they.

Here are some of the features of this plugin:

  • Scrolls the page back to top with animation
  • Create text or image link for scrolling back to top
  • Hide the button on small mobile devices.
  • Post/Page filter
  • Auto hide

Scroll Back To Top

Scroll Back To Top

The great thing about this plugin is that the plugin comes pre-configured. You need not play with the settings if you just want the feature up and running. This will be every helpful when installing the plugin on multiple blogs without wasting time.

There are options to change enabled status, size, color, opacity, location, icon/text, or fades.

The downside of this plugin is that there are no options for you to enable or disable this plugin on a per-post basis. It simply activates the scroll to top functionality on all the pages of your WordPres blog.

Dynamic "To Top" Plugin

Dynamic "To Top" Plugin

This yet another plugin that's feature-rich in terms of implementing the scroll to top functionality.Here are some of the features of the plugin.

Here are some of the features of this plugin:

  • Image or text version for scroll button element.
  • Support for CSS3 created buttons and hover effects.
  • Support caching and minifies JS for good page speed. (this option is good if you are too paranoid about page speed of your site)

Smart Scroll Top

Smart Scroll Top

This plugin offers unlimited color options and other plenty of features with scroll to top feature for your WordPress site.Here are some of the features:

Features of this plugin:

  • Unlimited colors (you can choose the color of the scroll to top element so that it matches your theme color scheme)
  • Supports icon font to display greatly on retina devices.
  • Customizable text.
  • Position switcher (left or right).
  • Change animation you like.
  • Automatically hide on screen width smaller than 600 pixels.
  • Custom CSS area
  • Mobile device friendly plugin settings


These are some of the frequently updated and well-maintained scroll to top plugins for WordPress.

If you think any of the plugins that are eligible to be included in this list, do let me know in comments.

Akshay Hallur

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